About me


👋 Hi, I'm a systems engineer based in Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦, originally from Panama 🇵🇦. With a journey spanning over 16 years, I've delved into various tech fields, from web development with WordPress and Joomla to diving deep into Headless CMS in recent years. My path has been rich with experiences across different sectors, including creating solutions for diverse industries.

What I Do:

Diverse Projects: From HR systems to real estate platforms, my work has covered a broad spectrum. Tech Stack Mastery: Focused on Angular, TypeScript and NestJS. Community Engagement: Active in the Angular community and a co-organizer of Ng Panama.

Why This Blog:

It's my space to share simplified insights from my tech journey, aiming to inspire and educate. Expect short posts on web development tricks, my adventures with new technologies, and lessons learned along the way.

Beyond Code:

When I'm not coding, I enjoy CrossFit, discovering new places, and tasting the culinary delights of good restaurants.

Welcome aboard my blogging adventure—let's explore the tech world together, one post at a time.